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Buying and Selling a home in the Greater Boston Area

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3 Multiple Offer Mistakes to Avoid

multiple offer

In a market such as this one, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a multiple offer situation.
While no strategy can guarantee success, here are three mistakes to avoid in order to increase your chances of being successful in buying a home in the Greater Boston Area.

1) Assuming you will have a second chance.  If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation, it is wise to make your offer a “best and final” version.  This will give you the best chance of being the one to purchase the home.  Others might be holding off to save a bit of negotiation for a counter offer, but your best chance at being the one to buy the home is the first time your offer is put in front of the seller. There is a chance that you will receive a request from the seller after the offers are presented, if that is the case, you can stand your ground, but at least you gave yourself your best chance to win.

5 Tips on How to Win in a Multiple Offer Situation!

Multiple offers, Spring Market, Buying a home in MA

These last few weeks have been very busy ones for home Buyers and Sellers alike! The housing inventory in the Greater Boston Area is low and so you know the rest of this sentence. Yes, it's been a bit crazy and if you're one of those Buyers that has found themselves in a multiple offer situation or if you haven't as yet, here are a few tips from Avenue 3 Real Estate that may help strenghten your position:

6 Questions to ask when buying a condo in Boston Area Communities!

Buying a condo, Boston Area Communities, MA condos


Buying a condo in the Greater Boston Area Communities means buying full ownership of a portion of a building or complex. It means you have neighbors, association members, fees and bylaws. It means, you need to know what to ask about when you are buying so that you will not have any unpleasant surprises after moving in.

We do not mean to sound a negative tone here, condo buying is a terrific way to go, just be thorough in your research. Here are 6 important questions that you need to have the answers to before making an offer:

How to be a Greater Boston Area Open House Pro!

ma real estate, avenue 3 open house search, greater boston real estate

You're ready to hit some Open Houses Sunday but your time is limited due to weekend chores, shopping and of course, some much needed chilling time to catch-up on. So we're suggesting these 3 steps that will prepare you to make the experience efficient, easy and professional!

Buying a Home in MA? Read here 1st and then sign, in that order!

Buying a home, real estate contracts, MA real estate

Buying a home in MA is not the easiest thing to do.  First you have to find a home to suit your needs and then you need to navigate the buying process.  Unlike other states, buying a home in Massachusetts is a multi stage process.  First, you put forth your Offer to Purchase, then comes the Home Inspection, then, the Purchase and Sale Agreement , Mortgage and Closing.

Along the way you will be asked to sign many forms and contracts.  Some of these are issued by the State of Massachusetts, like the Mandatory Licensee Consumer Relationship Disclosure, the Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification and the Home Inspector Facts for Consumers.  Others are issued by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board or the real estate company with which you are working. These may include Buyer Representation Agreements and the Offer to Purchase itself.

Selling a home in MA without paying Capital Gains! Really?

Tax 1031 Exchange, MA Real Estate, Selling a Home


Yes and it's called a 1031 tax-deferred exchange for Real Estate.

What is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 exchange allows investors to sell property and reinvest the proceeds in another property without having to pay taxes that would otherwise be recognized gain from the sale (capital gains tax).  The payment of such capital gains tax is deferred.

8 Things you need to know before buying a Condo in MA

Cambridge MA Condos,Somerville Condos, Lexington Mass Condos for sale

The condominium inventory in the Greater Boston Area is abundant, mortgage rates are good and you found a place that is just right for you….bedrooms, bathrooms, great kitchen, the works and you're ready to buy. Or are you?

The one list you'll need if you're going to Open Houses this weekend!

Open Houses, Open Houses in Massachusetts, Open Houses in the Greater Boston Area

So, you are armed with your list, your map/gps, and you are ready to go Open House shopping.  Open houses are a great way to see a good number of houses in one afternoon, but even the most dedicated Open House looker can get caught up in a crowded open house and miss the most important details. Ones that you really may not want to miss!

4 Reasons why buying a Home in MA in the Winter is a good idea!

Buying a home in MA, Living in Arlington MA, MA Real Estate, Buying a condo in MA

While Winter may seem too cold, or too snowy to go house hunting and your warm hot chocolate, your comfy slippers and your couch may seem more appealing.  Winter may actually be a great time to get out and find the property that is right for you!

Selling your home in the Greater Boston Area this Snowy Winter?

Selling a home in MA, MA real estate, Living in Arlington MA, Selling your home
During late Spring and Summer months, curb appeal comes naturally to many homes.  When autumn turns to winter and the sun sets earlier in the day, it becomes more difficult to create that inviting exterior look that grabs buyers from the curb.
With multiple homes for sale in Arlington MA, Cambridge MA and Medford MA, you'll want your home to stand out. The good news is you can create striking winter curb appeal without expensive and/or complicated exterior changes. It just requires a little creativity.
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