Belmont MA: Comella's Restaurant

The latest addition to Belmont Center's growing restaurant scene is Comella's Restaurant.  Owner Gene Comello describes Comella's as a "family oriented food retailer" and indeed it is. Comella's clean cut, casual dining atmosphere and reasonably priced menu bring in families, couples and singles at all hours.  If you are too busy (or too lazy) to get down to the restaurant, Comella's menu is also geared to "be served at your home" in single serving or party size quantities. Comella's robust take out business is testimony to it's popularity.

If you are in the mood for food without breaking the bank, be sure to try Comella's Restaurant on Leonard Street in Belmont Center - the large cheese pizza can serve as dinner for three at a cost of  only $5.00!!! Can't beat that!

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