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Home Staging – is it Worth the Bother?

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Sun, May 6, 2012

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Whether you are selling a condo in Cambridge MA, a single family home in Arlington MA or a two family home in Somerville MA, when it comes time to put your beloved abode on the market, you will begin to hear about “home staging”.  Why, you ask, why do I have to ‘stage’ it when I already live in it.  Well, you have sort of answered your own question right there.  The space we live in, with our pet odors, our coats hung on chairs, our chipping paint, our overgrown lawns and bulging closets may not be the space the buyer wants to live in.

Staging is intended to create a space that feels new – clean, bright, uncluttered – a space that a buyer feels they could fit into – neutral and welcoming - and a space that is ready for them to move in – clean, and in good repair. 

You do not always have to redo a kitchen, in fact, nothing gives you more return on your investment than the ‘magic of mulch’ and the ‘power of paint’ to create an impression of clean, new, interiors and exteriors.  Check out this article at for great home staging tips!  Or, view other properties in your area to check out their home staging at

I am not a fan of the Dining room table being set, scented candles and the smell of cookies baking in the oven, but a bit of effort on your part can bring you tremendous rewards with a quicker, more lucrative sale of your home!

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