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Posted by Lois Ardito on Wed, May 16, 2012

home selling tips, home staging tips, MA real estate, selling a home in MassachusettsJust last week, when I declared to no one in particular that “mulch is king”, after it miraculously made our tired front yard look great, that ‘s when it hit me. I'm always thinking "curb appeal".  I realized that we're on the other end of homeownership now looking at our home as a perspective buyer might look at a single home and no longer thinking about changing things around here to suit us.

We don’t have any plans to put our house on the market anytime soon, but I think we’ve run the course of what we can afford to do here to maximize it’s value. I'm pretty familiar with the things that make a home attractive to perspective buyers, as I've been a Realtor forever.  I know the things we can deliver on and what we can’t. For instance, we can’t change our location  (although I think living in Arlington MA is pretty nice). We can't change the street we live on, the lot size or the interior square footage of our house. It is what it is. But, there are some things we can do regularly without breaking the bank.

We can keep everything as up-to-date as possible and repair things as needed. We can replace old pipes in the basement gradually and make sure the line to the street is in good order. We can have the heating system serviced each year and repair the electrical outlets as needed. We can keep our eye on exterior wood rot and have someone come out and check for carpenter ants and termites….just in case. We can keep the interior looking freshly painted and start living with less stuff in our not so large rooms and of course, we can mulch. Every home looks great with mulch in the garden beds. I particularly love the Black Forest mulch, our plantings just pop against its darkness.

I just want to be ready, that’s all, when I finally convince my husband to move to a condo in Boston or a townhouse in Cambridge. I don’t know exactly when that's going to happen so I'm getting prepared. What about you? Are you trying to keep things in order as you go along or would you rather just do what needs to be done when you decide you're ready to put your home on the market?

Start here by downloading this useful list of low-cost fixes that will bring you the best return for the cost: 


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