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Selling a Home with a Big Real Estate Company or a Small One?

Posted by Karen Lilley on Fri, May 11, 2012

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I have (for better or for worse) been kicking around the real estate market for more than twenty years.  In that time, the industry has made changes in the way that business is done.  One of the biggest changes in the business is the leveling of the playing field between big companies and small ones.

In years past, selling a home was a very expensive proposition.  Advertising in local, and regional news papers, legions of 'for sale' ads every Sunday, and mailing pieces sent out on a regular basis were necesssary and expensive - very expensive indeed.  Smaller companies could not compete with the bank rolls of large ones.

Not surprising to say, the internet changed all that.  As a recent Harvard Magazine article put it " disruptive innovation..has occured in many industries, from accounting to music...It is the process by which products and services that were once so expensive, complicated, inaccessible and inconvenient that only a small fraction of people could access them, are transformed into simpler, more accessible and convenient forms that are also, ultimately lower in cost." 

In short, with everyone looking at the internet (free) the cost barrier to smaller companies is lifted and small or big, companies can offer the same services to their buyers and sellers.  Size is no longer the determining factor in choosing a Real Estate Company to sell your home.  Look for quality of service, or just check out Avenue 3 Real Estate for home selling tips!


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