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The one list you'll need if you're going to Open Houses this weekend!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Wed, Mar 19, 2014

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So, you are armed with your list, your map/gps, and you are ready to go Open House shopping.  Open houses are a great way to see a good number of houses in one afternoon, but even the most dedicated Open House looker can get caught up in a crowded open house and miss the most important details. Ones that you really may not want to miss!

If you are looking at multiple homes, it is easy to get them confused with one another when you sit later to review – was that the one with the purple bathroom?  A photo or two (with the permission of the Open House host) might help you remember the good and the bad of each home.  But an easier and less obtrusive plan is to carry an Open House Checklist, courtesy of Avenue 3.  The checklist will help you remember the items that you should be paying attention to – rather than the photos of family on the piano or the cool shower curtain in the bathroom.

Take the Avenue 3 Open House Checklist with you to keep yourself on track and make your Open House shopping more worthwhile!


Open House Checklist


We are always looking for ways to make your home buying experience easier and more rewarding so check out Avenue 3 Open Houses in Massachusetts for all the open house listings in MA! And call or email us with any questions you may have about this topic or any other real estate topic! Contact Us


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