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6 Reasons for selling a home during the Holiday Season!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Tue, Nov 27, 2012

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At home for the Holidays


If you search the web, you will find arguments both for and against keeping your home on the market during the holidays.  We will admit, that as realtors with a combined of 25 + years, we would long ago have recommended that you take your home off the market during the holiday season BUT, times, as they say, are a changing.  Today, you would be best served to keep your home on the market and here are a few reasons why:

1. Buyers who are looking during the holiday season are typically more serious buyers, ready and able to purchase a home at any time.
2. New listings are not likely to hit the market until January or February so your competition is less severe.
3. Buyers, these days, do much more shopping on line and are likely to have more free time during the holiday season than in years past when we all had to endure the crowded parking lots together.
4. Interest rates are so low, they are a holiday gift in and of themselves this year, spurring many buyers to make decisions before the year ends.
5. Our milder winter months of recent years in the Greater Boston Area make the holiday season an easier time to get out and about rather than waiting for the slush and ice of January and February.
6. Final reason to keep your home on the market through the holidays has to do with an old real estate agent trick that has disappeared.  One of the main reasons that agents , in the past, would encourage you to remove your home from the market over the holidays was that then, after the first of the year, they could list your home as “new to the market” and some buyers would not figure out that you had been on the market before.  But, with new regulations in the Multiple Listing Service, your “days on the market” figure will include the time before the holiday season and you will not be fooling anyone with any “new to the market” gambit.  As we said, times they are a changing…

So, keep your home on the market, keep those buyers busy and have a wonderful holiday season while you sell your home!

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