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Selling a Home with the Best Holiday Decor!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Fri, Nov 14, 2014

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With the arrival of the holiday season, a new 'problem' presents itself to homeowners in the Greater Boston Area who are selling property.  What about decorating your home while on the market? Here are a couple of "do's" and a few "do nots" to help you make the most of your home sale and holiday decor!

Do decorate.  If you would normally decorate, go right ahead. It is the holiday season so your home should be a part of the season.  If you do not add any decorations or decor changes to reflect the season, your home may feel less lively or less inviting to visiting buyers.

Do warm to the season.  If you are not a fan of decorating or not celebrating a particular holiday, make some seasonal changes anyway.  Home staging by changing throws, pillow covers, throw rugs, towels or curtains to warmer colors will make the house feel more inviting to buyers visiting during the chilly winter months.

Do not hide your house - too much is just too much.  Keep the decorations to a minimum level so that buyers can see the house and not just the decorations.

Do not decorate to distraction - Although you might love blinking lights and the snowman that sings every time someone walks by, these interactive decorations will only serve to distract and interrupt a home viewing.

Do not super size your decorations - The seven foot spread on that spruce tree might look great in a parking lot sale, but will most likely take up half of any room in which it is placed. Stick to decorations that fit well within the space you have so that you are not diminishing the size of your rooms or blocking walking passages within your home.

Do not overwhelm the "scents" - Scented candles and decorations might be to your liking but scents are a very tricky thing and can become bothersome to visiting buyers.  Avoid scented items and try the old baked cookies if you want to create an inviting interior.

The goal is to make your home as spacious and inviting as possible for all buyers during the holiday season.  After all, they may be the ones to provide you with a very substantial holiday gift!

There's a of lot info you'll need to know when selling a home in the Greater Boston area from contacts to real estate terms, so be sure to download our Smarter Seller Kit today for additional house selling tips!

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