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Why less is more in Belmont MA, Belmont Real Estate & Belmont Shops!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

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 27 Dorset Road Belmont MA, Belmont MA homes for sale, Open houses in Belmont MA                   27 Dorset Road, Belmont MA on the market for over 200 days.

What's happening this weekend Dec. 15-16 in Belmont MA Real Estate?

If you're looking for a small community with a large variety of housing possibilities, large department stores and the like, than Belmont MA isn't for you! But if you like to shop in local owned shops, feel a part of small community and have patience you can find just what you want in Belmont MA. You need do your homework and be willing to accept that it may take some to find the right property that suits your needs and budget, but it will happen. The property inventory is at times limited but it is always quality, whether you're interested in a condo or a multi-family home! So if living in Belmont MA is your choice, take it slow, look at the the inventory available when you can and jump in when the time is right!

You can start your Belmont MA Real Estate search right here:

This week the Multiple Listing Service is currently showing 44 active properties for Belmont MA Real Estate. 20 singles, $1,365,280 average listing price / 22 condos, $652,718 average listing price / 2 multi-family homes, $634,450 average listing price with new properties being added daily.

In the pending sales category MLS lists a total of 2 properties in the past week.

There are 2 scheduled Open Houses this weekend and here are a few of the listed properties that we at Avenue 3 thought you may find interesting based on asking price, location and amenities. You'll find that these properties somewhat represent the style of Belmont MA homes for sale:

1. Condo:     25 Harriet Avenue   $414,500

2. Condo:     13 Summit Road   $1,190,000

If you're interested in taking a look at the property for sale in Belmont MA and would like to have a conversation with an Belmont Real Estate Agent, please Contact Us and you can search all the current Open Houses Belmont MA this weekend right here:

Belmont MA Open Houses

Make the best of an open house visit with the A3 checklist:
Open House Checklist

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