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Could one of these Cambridge MA Condos be your dream home?

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Thu, Dec 13, 2012

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The Emerson Lofts at Cottage Park, Cambridge MA. Due to be ready in April 2013

What's happening this weekend Dec. 15-16 in Cambridge MA Real Estate?

If a owning a Cambridge MA condo is in your near future you may want to wait until these new unique units off Cameron Avenue are available. In the meantime, why not take a look at what is currently on the market in Cambridge and start the comparison in price, location and amenties process and that you can do right now. Who knows you may find what you're looking for this weekend, in the right spot and at the right price!

You'll find a wide variety of properties to look in the Cambridge MA real estate market, and here's the info you'll need :

The Multiple Listing Service is currently showing 123 active properties, 25 single family homes, $1,815,511 average listing price / 92 condos, $638,514 average listing price / 6 multi family homes, $906,983 average listing price with new properties being added daily.

Also, in the pending sales category MLS lists a total 21 properties this past week.

There are 10 scheduled Open Houses this weekend and here are a few of the properties that we at Avenue 3 thought you may find interesting based on asking price, location and amenities. You'll find that these properties somewhat represent the style of Cambridge MA:

1. Single:    31 Bay Street   $759,000

2. Condo:   134 Third Street #3   $379,000

If you're interested in taking a look at the property for sale in Cambridge MA and would like to have a conversation with an Cambridge Real Estate Agent, please Contact Us and you can search all the current Open Houses Cambridge MA this weekend right here:

Cambridge MA Open Houses
Make the best of an open house visit with the A3 checklist:
Open House Checklist

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