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Buying a condo not in the cards for U and your Valentine this year?

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Tue, Feb 12, 2013

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( A real estate perspective on Valentine's Day 2013)

Don't think about what you can't do today, think about having a romantic celebration without spending a lot of money. You can personalize the day without breaking into your savings and if you're not spending money you'll be moving closer to what may be the ultimate goal of property ownership! Personalizing your celebration and letting your loved one know how you feel about them can be very easy:

1. How about recreating your first date together? Where did you go? What did you talk about?  

2. Frame a new, special photo of the two of you and display it in your home in decorative heart-shaped frame.

3. Set aside the money you may have spent on an expensive dinner in a " someday we're buying a home account".

4. Leave a message on their voicemail with a silly or romantic poem.

5. Make a CD featuring the songs that have been important in your relationship.  Slip it into their car CD player with a note.  

6. Write down 14 favorite memories of your life spent together so far. Invite your partner to add to the list. 

7. Write down the thoughts and dreams you share for the future. 

8.  Instead of an expensive dinner go to a restaurant you have always wanted to try and order wine and appetizers at the bar. It's amazing how much you can save while still enjoying the ambiance of a beautiful spot.

9.  Go to the beach with a thermos of  hot cocoa, cookies, brownies and lots of blankets. Great place to dream about buying a home or buying a condo with waterviews or beachfront property.

10.  Spend the weekend and plan a summer vacation, it can just a special 3-day  summer weekend. It's fun to think of warmth and sunlight on a cold winter's day!

11.  Write about the first time you knew you were in love.

12. If you both usually takes walks together leave some homemade cookies or chocolates in a hidden spot and surprise your Valentine during your walk. The Minuteman Bike Trail in Arlington, Lexington and Bedford is a great option, even in the winter!

13. Build a fire, open a bottle of champagne and surf some real estate websites and we hope you'll choose our site to do so! ( Cuddle close on the sofa with one laptop and take a look at all the available properties in the cities and towns you dream of living in the future) No fireplace? Try loading the Virtual Fireplace on one of your laptops for the sights and sounds you'll need to warm the night!

14. Decide you're just going to go for broke and forget about saving money? Take a look at our Pinterest Local Eateries Boards for suggestions for some fun, good and resonable restuarnts in the Boston Area and just go for it!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Avenue 3 Real Estate and don't forget to visit our site for the info you'll need to be a an informed and prepared Buyer when the time is right!

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