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Avenue 3's Open House Guide to Success!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Wed, Apr 3, 2013

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It's Spring and you're ready to hit some Open Houses this weekend and you're excited about it! As with the arrival of every new season your time limited with chores to be done, some much needed chilling time and social commitments on your calendar.

So we're suggesting these 5 steps that will prepare you to make the experience efficient, easy, professional and enjoyable!

Step 1: Open House Property Search. Begin right here at the Avenue 3 Open House Search. You can browse through all the towns in Massachusetts, check open house hours and view property specifics in every property category. Once you have identified the properties you're visiting you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Walkability Index. You will find this a very useful tool, especially if you are not familiar with the town and neighborhood of the homes, condos or multi-family properties you have identified in your price range. Just insert the address of a property and you will get the distance to the nearest public transportation, restaurants, shopping and even the commute to a work location! You'll find all that info right here: WalkScore.

Step 3: Register here with Avenue 3 and you'll have access to the recently sold properties in the neighborhood that you are visiting and considering as a place to live. This info will help you determine value on properties in the area and help you determine a future price on a home you find interesting.

Step 4: Know it all. Once you'd identified the town or towns you're focusing your search on, visit our Community Pages. You'll find links for information about the history, services, businesses, schools and governments in the state of Massachusetts and in distinctive Boston Area communities.

Step 5: An Open House Checklist. And remember to bring along our open house checklist. A list of the most important things you should look at and take note of when visiting a house or condo. Open House Checklist

There you have it! You're ready to start your search and again you find all the current open house listings in MA this weekend here with Avenue 3's Open House search: Open Houses in MAssachusetts or use the handy Recommended Open House Search by town on our home page: Avenue 3

And don't forget Step 3: Register with Avenue 3 and get access to final sale prices of property in your towns of interest!


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