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Buying and Selling a home in the Greater Boston Area

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Buying a home in MA? Here are 6 things you need to check out!




BGreater Boston homes for sales, Buying a home in MA, Buying a home in Arlington MA, Buying a home in Cambridge MAA side-entrance Colonial style home found in Arlington MA and the surrounding towns.
Looks nice, but.....

So you are looking at home after home.  If you are like the most of us, you are captivated by the updated kitchen, the over-sized shower or the gorgeous perennial garden.  Good, you should be.  But, (and you know there is a but), don't forget that there is business to attend to.  Here are six things you should pay close attention to in any home that interests you:

1.Roof: Check it out!  Does it look new?  Are the shingles dried out and lifting?  If it is a flat roof, does it have proper drainage? How many layers of asphalt? Ask the age of the roof to help you determine its relative health.

2.Windows:  Old or new is not the most important question.  The most important question is do they work.  Pull a couple up and down to see if they operate well. Look for storms or screens stuck midway between open and closed, they may not function.

3.Gutters and downspouts:  Be sure they have them and take a look to see if they are snugly attached to the house - beware of hanging downspouts and "gutter gardens" - gutters clogged so long they are actually sprouting vegetation!

4.Retaining walls:  Funny as it seems, they hide in plain site.  Pay attention to retaining walls around gardens, along driveways and on the edge of property lines.  Check for major cracking or leaning.

5.Foundation:  Give it a close look inside and out.  Look for cracks, water marks or mold. Check the basment windows for good repair as well. 

6.Landscape: We don't mean the perennial garden here, but the general topography and the plantings.  Is the house sitting low on a hill and likely to flood?  Are there unhealthy trees on the lot that may need to come down?

Whether you are looking at buying a home in Arlington MA or buying a Cambridge mA condominium, take the time to carefully examine a home you are interested in before you make an offer to buy.  It could pay off in the long run!

You can check out our list of Service Providers for advice on any particular housing issue.

And download our Buyer Guide for addition info on home buying issues:


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Posted @ Monday, June 30, 2014 1:24 AM by ARIANA
Roof and windows must be done before selling a home that I knew. But the post made me to look for other aspects too before selling my property. Very informative note.
Posted @ Wednesday, July 09, 2014 5:14 AM by Stone Retaining Walls
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