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New Homeowner gift ideas from Avenue 3

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Mon, Jul 1, 2013

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Earlier in our real estate careers we had different perspective on what were meaningful and appropriate closing gifts for our 1st time home buyer clients. It addition to the celebratory bottle of wine or bubbly, it  would be a subscription to the local newspaper, custom designed "We've Moved" cards or personalized stationary embossed with their new address. Times have changed and so have the gifts.

We identified a more relevant need for my Gen Y first time single family, condo and two family home buyers and guess what.... its a Tool Box!

Here are the basic ingredients, culled from our own experiences as property owners.

1. A claw head hammer and an assortment of nails-Essential for hanging pictures, mirrors and making small repairs.

2. A ratchet screwdriver with multiple bits for flathead, Phillips head and hex screws.- Needed for assembling, installing and tightening hundreds of things

3. A power drill- Needed for hanging those display shelves, book shelf brackets and vanity cabinets.

4. A set of precision screwdrivers. You know, those itsy-bitsy screwdrivers that are good for eyeglass repair, small electronics and other household stuff.

5. A tape measure, wire cutter, stud finder and leveler to be sure those pictures are centered and the shelves level.

6. Several wrenches and pliers. Things routinely need to be tighten and  replaced.

And the package is complete when it's wrapped in a shiny red tool box!

So.... We've just killed the surprise for our clients who are purchasing
properties this summer, but hopefully this is helpful to you in finding a perfect "welcome to your new home" gift!

For more new home buyer gift ideas, visit our Pinterest Boards: New Homeowner Gifts and Gifts from the Kitchen.

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