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A few tips for "cooler" Open Houses this Summer!

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

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If you are selling your home in the summer, the hot summer weather may pose a challenge.  How do you help buyers ignore the heat and concentrate on enjoying your home especially during an open house?

Here is the first tip… if you don’t have central air and you know it is going to be a hundred degrees in the shade, don’t have an open house.  Yes, that’s right, don’t have an open house.  A buyer seeing a house alone on a hot day is enough of an issue, but a collective of people, all hot and bothered, complaining about the heat and bouncing off of each other is worse. 

If you are having an open house (despite advice to the contrary), create as much air circulation as you can.  Do leave fans running in rooms that are the hottest and have the windows open. You are not fooling anyone by hiding the fans away as though they are not needed, make the buyers as comfortable as they can be in your home.

Maximize your cool temperatures by keeping the sun out prior to the open house with any blinds and curtains drawn.  Open the house to the sun for the open house, but not before.

Be sure to schedule your Open Houses for an earlier time slot, maybe 11-12 rather than 2-3 when the day will be at its hottest.

Avoid generating heat prior to the open house.  Do not take a long hot shower just before you open the doors.  Do not turn on the oven for a fresh baked cookie smell etc.

Do offer your guests a water bottle on ice.  Not only will it cool them down, but the nice gesture will leave a favorable impression on them as they leave your home.

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