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The Arlington MA Food Pantry & the Greater Boston Area Food Banks

Posted by Avenue 3 Real Estate on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

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Arlington MA Food Pantry, Arlington MA Real Estate, Living in Arlington MAThe Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us and this is the time of year that we are reminded of the wonderful efforts of the Arlington Food Pantry here in Arlington Mass. The Arlington Food Panty has been organized, efficient and a well-run nonprofit for years and very appreciated by many. In the past years the donations to the Food Pantry have taken care of the needs of over 500 people living in Arlington MA. It is truly amazing that this volunteer effort and all the Food Pantries throughout the Greater Boston Area can serve the needs of so many.  The need for healthy nutritious food is especially great at this time of year and all contributions are welcome. We've complied a list, that we would like to share with you, of the Food Pantries in the Greater Boston Area, hopefully there is one in your area:

Greater Boston Food Bank

Cambridge MA Food Banks

Arlington MA Food Pantry

Medford MA Food Pantry

Town of Watertown MA Food Pantries

Lexington MA Food Pantry

Belmont MA Food Pantry

Somerville MA Community Resources

And here's a listing all of the Food Pantries in the state of Massachusetts!

What makes local communities through out the Greater Boston Area special? You can read about them here and decide for yourself which one is right for you!


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